How you met your spouse?


I was reading “Faith Pittsburgh” a free publication you can pick up at your local supermarket and on the last page was a picture of two hands making the shape of a heart and it said “tell us the story of How you met your spouse.” . This is something I would love to do… I find that in a technology driven world it is great that we met organically and truly had a romance blossom from a genuine friendship… but I don’t think I am the one they wish to hear from, so I shall post it here…

Though I do not believe that God brought us together, our lack of belief in him did. Rich and I met in July 2012 at the “Drinking Skeptically” monthly meet-up of the Steel City Skeptics. I was a seasoned member and social butterfly, it was his first time. After greeting him and introducing myself, I fluttered off to mingle with others but not before inviting him out the next night and dropping a business card.

He did join my friends and I the next night, and many times after that… by December we were spending 12 hours a day texting or talking about all of the interests we shared and planning projects such as this blog. We fell in love hard, I got a divorce, moved in with Rich and his two children and the rest is history.

What a difference a year makes…


2 thoughts on “How you met your spouse?

  1. I’m glad that you found each other. My husband and I have been non-believers for over 20 years, and we have been isolated most of that time because of it. You say that you got a divorce, though. That startled me. You were with someone else and left them for a divorced father-of-two? Quite a gamble, really glad that it worked out.

    1. For me there was no question in my mind that Rich and I were meant to be together. It wasn’t even an option to stay with my exhusband because doing so would have been a disservice to both of us. The connection I have with Rich is unlike any I have experienced before. As for him being a father of two, I love both boys very much and am proud to call them my family.

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