do you want me to lay on you?

Last night while preparing to sleep I was being spooned by Rich. He tells me that he has a stomach pain and I turn and say “Do you want me to lay on you?” and he says, no offense baby, but no. Of course he then realizes what I meant was for me to put my head on his chest so he could be on his back… but I guess it came out all wrong.

Anyway, it made me start to think about faith healing, and a specific instance that hit home for me. A good friend and next door neighbor was dying of cancer and undergoing in-home hospice… days before passing, her born again Christian sister shows up out of nowhere claiming she can save her. I was later told that the sister had to be physically lifted off of her dying (screaming in pain) sister as she lay on top of her to try to remove the evil. I couldn’t grasp it… how could that seem like the right answer? Your sister has cancer in her bones, and is pain to the point that even the sheet hurts when it touches her body- but you can believe that putting 170-200 lbs will help… ridiculous.

People get away with ridiculousness every day because of “god” & “faith”… many situations I see more as “neglect” and “abuse”. Just a few months ago this Pennsylvania couple appeared in the news AGAIN The Schaibles, who had already lost one child to faith healing, were at it again and are now facing murder charges… ok, so I am glad there are charges now, but what about the first time? How could we let them do it a second time? It sickens me…

I see it quite often in my Epilepsy support groups, parents being ENCOURAGED to stop the meds (poison) and turn to God. This to me is insanity… I have had Epilepsy for over 20 years and without science I would be DEAD. I take a cocktail of four medicines every day and also have a Vagal Nerve Stimulator implanted to block seizure activity… I assure you these amazing advances work much better than the previously supported method of using an exorcism.

So next time Rich tells me his tummy aches, I assure you we will get a laugh at “want me to lay on top of you” but then we will reach for the Pepto and remember to choose science first.


2 thoughts on “do you want me to lay on you?

  1. So awesome. Choose Science First. I was raised in an Assembly of God Church, they did laying on of hands, speaking in tongues, all that, so I know what you mean. But for some reason, they still advised people to go to the doctor. Seemed like a mixed message to me.

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