A higher judge

In the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict many people turned to God to resolve the feelings of disbelief, shock and anger that they were experiencing. I experienced those feelings as well, but I do not have the luxury of turning it to God… I have to face reality…and this is the type of moment where I can definitely see the convenience of religion.

This occurs everyday with just slight variants, but for now we will stick with Zimmerman. CNN posted an article stating it was a common theme on Twitter that “Zimmerman will face a higher judge” ( http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2013/07/14/twitter-theme-zimmerman-will-face-higher- ) It seems that once they’d realized that the justice system here in America failed them, there absolutely had to be another answer… that answer, GOD.  God will be the one to bring justice to the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, God will keep Zimmerman out of heaven and he shall burn in hell for what he has done. I empathize with this need for justice but to me the answer is clear… nothing will happen to him. Unless Zimmerman does something similar in the future and A. gets jail time B. gets killed himself and “karma” can take the credit… no justice shall be brought for Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman had his day in court and he won. We don’t get a do over, and since there is no proof of a God, more than likely he will just live out the rest of his life, believing that he did right and then die…decompose and eventually be a note in book.

In a time of tragedy I hate to show someone that their religion actually spits in their face…so I rarely confront the grief-stricken but for within the confines of my own blog. Here is the Christian reality… not only will Zimmerman not be facing a “higher judge” but if he doesn’t want to roll the dice, all it would take is that tiny ounce of humanity inside of a monster to feel bad enough to silently repent and your god will forgive him…off to heaven he shall go.

One thought on “A higher judge

  1. Yeah, I found the Zimmerman coverage to be revolting. They just gave up the responsibility for re-educating this man to be an acceptable citizen and put it on God. But pardon if I’m wrong, but even technically, God’s jurisdiction still doesn’t start ’til AFTER death, which should put the burden squarely back on the living and human. It really doesn’t say much for the Courts in this country, does it?

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