you do it for God, I do it for you…

I get the question all the time… “If you don’t believe in God, how do you know how to live a moral life?”. I have a few answers to give, it depends on the crowd, but there is one point I always try to make…  that there is only one difference between a moral believer and a moral atheist…  the believer lives a just life for God, with hope of a reward in the future…I also live a just life… I wake up each day and make the choices that I do based on how I want to be treated and what imprint I want to leave on the world I live in…And yes, I believe that when I die that is the end.

This gives me more of a reason to live a just, moral life. I want to make the most out of each day that I am alive and able to experience all that the world has to offer. I refuse to live by someone else’ rules… blocking out certain demographics because “god” says they aren’t as good. I look at my circle of friends, and it is an eclectic bunch. I have many who believe, some who wonder and some who never even asked… but that doesn’t matter to me. I keep each one in my life based on who they are as a person. If they respect me and love me for who I am, what more could I ask for.

I have family who claim to be of faith, they pass judgment on me for being an Atheist, I accept them… and I love them all. I won’t stick on this for long, as I have written of those woes in the past. Though I will say that I am experiencing it again through another generation of family. They are being pressured to believe, and at a much younger age than I was. It is being questioned how these young ones will learn to live moral lives, I would first like to point out that they already are… and then remind them that you don’t need God to love.

Oh man, this is getting way mushier than I intended… guess I am not the wrathful atheist that people stereotype me as. Sorry everyone, but God or no God, when I look at my partner and our boys, I know that I need to face each day and do my best.

And I do it for the ones I love, and I ask for nothing in the end.

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