PRIDE and human nature.


I knew I was bi-sexual when I was just a young girl. I remember knowing a set of fraternal twins (male and female) and thinking they were both equally awesome! Funny enough, just like my atheism I never struggled with being comfortable with my sexuality. Anyone who didn’t pick up on it must have had their head buried deep in the sand- because it was not something I hid.  I had more relationships with men than I did with women, but I can say that my hardest loss was to a woman. We were together in college and it was intense but ended abruptly, had I know the last time I saw her was the end perhaps i’d have held the embrace a bit longer…

Actually no, I wouldn’t have…especially if I had know what would happen next. She had found God. This would not have been a problem for me, I have lots of people in my life who are believers and we just agree to disagree. No, she was the one that disappeared…finding God meant leaving behind anyone and everything from her previously “evil” lifestyle. I find this quite insulting, makes me feel like the dirty needle that a drug addict drops right before they hit bottom. At first I analyzed it, what was so bad about her past? Why did finding Christ have to make everything else wrong? I thought about all of the other things I knew about her and tried to figure out how she’d rectified that with God, her past was a winding road of bumps and potholes, so where did she get off acting like I didn’t exist… if she could kill me off so easily, was it also easy to kill off her identity? I suppose I will never know.

The PRIDE parade is one of my favorite events of the year. As a bi-sexual woman who fell in love with a man I know that I am sort of the agnostic of the LGBT community… but I have to show my support. I have had people say “should you really be posting pictures of this?” or asking “what if someone see’s you? won’t that look bad?”. First off, I hope someone sees me, because we all know they see the negativity every day. I almost never get to see the entire parade because I end up combating a group of “no homo” protesters .. you’d be amazed how fast they run from this 5’1 girl… I refuse to let them spoil our good time. As you can see from the picture above there are at least 3 bullhorns… but their hate was not nearly as loud as my praise for the strength of each person who is out and proud.

Some people will ask why I still care, since after-all, I am in a hetero-sexual relationship now…to me this question is ridiculous, but I will answer it anyway. First off, I never want to be considered “normal” just because I fell in love with a man. I did not have a revelation. I did not find the truth. I don’t even see it as choosing a different path. I still hold the same values now as I did back then- do not confuse the situation, I haven’t changed, just the circumstances have. Next I care because I want everyone to have the same rights- yes, it is that simple. I want my LGBT family to be accepted by everyone. Even if I wasn’t bi-sexual, It seems to me it would be a no-brainer that I support the LGBT because at the end of the day it all comes down to freedom from religion. You’ll be hard pressed to find any anti-lgbt who’s argument doesn’t boil down to “god doesn’t like it”. So where does the surprise come in? God doesn’t like a lot of things that people are perfectly fine having as part of their day-to-day lives (haircuts, poly-cotton blends, pre-marital sex)…but of course we only worry about how two people who are in love want to be legally recognized as a couple. This is something that hurts no one and in fact brings joy- and yet the fight continues. It doesn’t make sense now and for me it never will. It seems like just as was the case with my ex-girlfriend- religion makes it possible to ignore the facts and suppress our most basic values of human nature.

2 thoughts on “PRIDE and human nature.

  1. I think that you would get on great with one of my friends. He is a theist, but a northern-type brand of Lutheran that surprisingly actually believes in some of the things that Jesus of the New Testament presented. At the Pride parade, He had a sign about being sorry if they were ever made to feel unloved by their Church families. I cried when I saw it. To me, he is what so-called Christians are supposed to be. And he doesn’t give me sh*t about being atheist, or agnostic, or whatever it is that I am. He got lots of hugs that day. From the Parade people, I wasn’t in the same state.

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