“Striving for a better world by adopting secular values that promote a strong sense of moral ownership with a focus on human dignity and respect and having the courage to embrace reason, critical thinking, and science as the keys to knowledge and empowerment. These are the core principles that we wish to pass on to our children for a promising future, and to serve as a defense against religious dogma and intolerance.”

Allison & Rich- A Couple of Atheists

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Posts written by Allison are more personal in nature, as she loves to get out there and interact with the public. Rich’s thoughts are much more intense and sure to make you think… no matter which you prefer, there is something for everyone.

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  1. Hey this is terrific! Interesting running into such an endeavor. I’m very glad for both of you. I can only imagine the kind of banter thrown your way because of the lack of religious belief. Don’t listen to those haters! Keep the dialogues going, you are both doing great work. I really admire and respect this so much. So, to kick us off I have a question that is relevant to me because it came up in my psychology class: “Why do you think that atheists experience the lowest divorce rates in America?”
    This question was posited by me because when the professor asked the class what we thought contributed to a ‘decrease in the likelihood of divorce’, a girl had responded that she thought religion could definitely be considered a factor that would not only decrease the likelihood of divorce but actually be a reinforcer for marriage (or success in the relationship). I had to mention the glowing statistics for atheists, which both stumped and frightened the class. After the uproar, there was a remark about how since less than 2% of Americans are atheists, that this must be the reason the statistics could be in their favor. I had to pipe up once again to mention that I don’t think their assumption may be accurate since it was a proportionally conclusive study. Somehow in the end a girl even mentioned that she enjoyed learning why the statistic must be skewed.
    Besides my blessed classmates (I love them so), I personally surmised that because there is less coersion/pressure to be married (unlike some pressures religious persons are influenced by) that this should actually increase longevity in relationships. The couples are more willing for that reason.
    They also may have less to blame externally for issues in relationships. This brings things closer to home.
    Since religious belief decreases with education (statistically) and education is also a protective factor of relationship success, this may explain why atheists have lower divorce rates. I haven’t even googled it in a while… I should do that. What are your thoughts, Ally and Richy? (can I call you that? I’m gonna call you that)

    1. Hi there. This is Alli (of Richie and Alli ♥ you can certainly call us that). Thank you so much for checking out our blog- I am glad that you are enjoying it. I would say that you are definitely on the right track in your reasoning of why the divorce rates would be lower for Atheists than for believers. I believe that a big part of it comes from entering into the union of marriage far too fast. For instance, when you are Catholic, you are not supposed to live with your significant other, have any level of intimate relations or even discuss such topics until you are married. This can make for an awkward union… if you marry someone you don’t really know all that well (have never even slept in the same house!). How can you expect to know how to react when all of a sudden they are in your life 24/7? Living with someone, going through the day-to-day struggles, this is much different than dating. As far as intimacy goes, I am not saying people should be having loads of premarital sex…but maybe having some discussion about what makes you feel all funny inside would give you a good idea as to if you are potentially going to be compatible. If all of a sudden you’ve sworn your life to someone who has no interest in getting busy in the marital bedroom, well, that could really lead to problems. These are just a few examples, as it is late and I am sleepy, but chew on those for awhile… and think to yourself… would I want to stay in a marriage if you accidentally married the complete wrong person… I think not.

  2. Wellllll I’m gonna dog you a bit there, Richie-poo. Yes, couples who live together can share expenses and learn more about each other and so forth. They can find out if their partner ‘has what it takes’ to be married. If things don’t work out, breaking up is easy to do (relative to divorce). Yes, cohabiting couples typically do not have to seek legal or religious permission to dissolve their union. Not surprisingly, young adults favor cohabitation. According to surveys, most young people say it is a good idea to live with a person before marrying. However, a careful review of the available social science evidence suggests that living together is not a good way to prepare for marriage or to avoid divorce.

    There are numerous studies that have examined whether living together before marriage is a good idea. Data suggests that people who have multiple cohabiting relationships before marriage are more likely to experience more negative communication in marriage, lower levels of marital satisfaction, the erosion over time of the perceived value of marriage, higher perceived marital instability, lower levels of male commitment to spouse, and greater likelihood of divorce than people who do not cohabit before marriage. Despite the the cohabitation experience itself contributes to problems in marriage.

    Maybe cohabitation sets up couples for failure in marriage because cohabitation is perceived as ‘just a test’. Since all couples suffer from some incompatibility, when the other partner “fails” the test, the person moves on to the next partner. As successions of cohabitation failures increases, maintaining commitment decreases. Which is too bad, since commitment seems to be the most important part of a marriage relationship.

    Meh. What can account for the statistic of atheists and lowest divorce rates? I’m having a look now that you’ve got me all fired up.

  3. I Really Appreciate it when I Get Atheists open minded Like you Guy’s And I really hope Arabella Will Bring Love And Sincerity into the lives of all those whom she will encounter …

    I also hope that All Happiness And Beauty travels with this Lovechild of yours for this is the Greatest gift you offer the World and that is the truth which I Know as a parent that is what an atheist child wants and also will fight for and Let no one ever tell you this is a gift to you NO YOU Have given unto this World Which You have Created you and your wife
    I Want to Congratulate you upon this Page with sincerity this is what new found atheists need to see that all atheist are not the same but we all have empathy and love in our core

    May this Page of yours only open Minds and help to bring the world to Order and start the new generation which will move forward and destroy all evil Religions

    Lots of Love
    Andrew Terrence Vogt : – AKA Hades,God of the Underworld

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