A Uterus from Nothing (part 1)

I have been experiencing something amazing over the past few weeks. It is incredibly personal and yet, since I am so mesmerized by the scientific wonders unfolding before my eyes… well I just have to share it with the world.

Early on in October, I went to visit my Ob/Gyn to discuss my fertility. At the age of 15 I was diagnosed with a condition called Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome and so I knew infertility loomed in my future path… but with my 30th birthday approaching I decided to be proactive and see what was going on in there.

The doctor said I wasn’t ovulating but that all hope was not lost, for I had some medical options to try to make my body do so. Rich and I have been giggling quietly on how wonderful it would be to have a little blue-eyed baby to complete our family and so we decided to try the least aggressive approach. A medication called Clomid. I had my cycle and started my first round of Clomid just as directed… that is when science decided to blow my mind.

Just four days after my last dose of Clomid I had a transvaginal ultrasound. This test revealed three follicles (sadly I don’t remember the base numbers) on my right ovary and the lining of my uterus measuring in at less than 5mm. I was told that this was not bad, that it appeared the Clomid was working and to schedule again three days later. At that time, my follicles had grown, with my largest coming in at 13mm and my uterine lining had also grown to 7mm. I rescheduled for two days later. Again, amazing news! My largest follicle was now showing at 21mm and my smallest was 13mm (that was my largest just a few days before) and the lining, it was in at a healthy 9mm. At this point I also received a positive at home ovulation predictor and so Rich was given his marching orders and we were sent on our way.

Now yesterday, I was called in again for another ultrasound where they confirmed that I did in fact ovulate… only one follicle was still visible and there was free fluid by my uterus…so now we wait. After each of these tests I was more and more amazed. To think that we able to chart all of this so perfectly precise at each pass…it stunned me. I spoke to one of my closest girlfriends, who has several children, and she said she was a bit jealous as “she’d never seen any of her babies at the follicular stage”.  And honestly, I can see why she’d feel that way. I was more excited each time I went in, so much that you would think I was an expectant mother looking at her fetus. My body rarely responds the way that doctors would like, so to get better news each time was a new and amazing feeling. I have never felt so “in tune” with my own body. Knowing exactly what it was doing for those few weeks may actually make the waiting period a bit more difficult- but at least if fertilization and implantation do occur, it will be an awesome story to tell our little atheist someday.

I wanted to post this during the waiting period, since the results could end up being not what we desire and then I may feel less inclined to gush over what has been an incredibly intimate and educational experience.  From being a member of many PCOS support groups, I know some women try for years and years, only to never reach the stage I am at now… so I already consider myself lucky. At my last scan the technician said “Now it’s all up to…” and pointed to the sky.  Well, I don’t agree with that… Nope, God cannot take credit for this one… if  I conceive it will be science that I thank… as all those amazing minds in the medical field have helped me to create a uterus from nothing.

4 thoughts on “A Uterus from Nothing (part 1)

    1. Interesting. Well first we will have to agree to disagree about God creating the world… you are correct that I had a uterus, but it wasn’t doing what a uterus is supposed to do, and neither were my ovaries, so I turned to science… not god. I give you credit for admitting that science made all of this occur, but I would hardly call it a miracle.

  1. I had a very bad experience, having my babies, I don’t think that having so much interference made me comfortable. If I felt I really had a choice, I think I would go homebirth, next time. I understand, though, in your case, that isn’t possible. It’s just, the doctors and nurses take all the credit when it’s your own body doing all the hard work. I still think that if I had just locked myself in the bathroom at the hospital, I would have had a much better, and infinitely less painful, experience.

    1. I can certainly see where you are coming from. I have heard horror stories of doctors completely ignoring birth plans and going against moms wishes. I am lucky to have had a team in place that I trusted completely as well as Rich to act as my voice when I was lost in the pain and focusing on the contractions.

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