Paul v. Brian… a glimpse at compassion in our society…

Yesterday, Paul Walker passed away in tragic accident. Though I cannot claim to have been a huge fan, my thoughts are with his family during this difficult time. One thing that truly saddened me was the instant blast of people making jokes at his expense. What a sad state our society is in when our first reaction isnt compassion but to point and laugh. Well, it isn’t always that way. We experienced another high profile death recently that brought shock, anger and fear for the future into the eyes of the onlooking fans. It was the death of the cartoon dog, Brian, from the show “Family Guy”. I have been observing the sadness over Brian’s death and I found it pretty silly. Sure, it is a bummer when our favorite show goes through a change, especially one that means it might be nearing the end of it’s run. Still though, it is just a show, with fictional characters… and surely you’ll find another way to spend your Sunday night. In the meantime, the cartoon family does not have to grieve, because they don’t exist… in fact, the only real loss would be the loss of a paycheck- and I am sure that was negotiated long before anything happened.

I discussed this on facebook and one person said that people are just expressing their grief through humor… yeah right. When my grandfather died and we sat around telling funny stories about things we’d experienced with him- that to me is grieving with humor. Going on the internet and saying things like “Paul Walker is set to play yet another roll in the upcoming edition of the Fast & Furious franchise titled, ‘2 Fast, 2 Fatalities’.” is disrespectful. Imagine if your family member died and during the grieving process you had to worry about being hit with joke after joke about how “ironic” their death was… or rant after rant about how much people hated them. That is another thing, you probably don’t hate them. You hate characters they played and productions that they were in. Could you imagine if your loved one worked at McDonald’s all of their life and then they died and people said “Well good, I have always hated McDonald’s!”.  That would be ridiculous… but so is the lack of compassion we have for our fellow man.


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