The war on Christmas trees

A few days ago I posted a picture on Facebook of our family’s holiday tree… and the second comment was “Why do you have a Christmas tree if you don’t believe in Christ?”. Well instead of duking it on Facebook, I thought I would bring it straight here. The simplest answer to this question is that I do it out of tradition. Every year of my life the home I lived in had a Christmas tree. Weather that was when I lived with my Atheist father or during college when I stayed with my Catholic grandparents- the tree was always there. For me, it is a symbol of another year ending and preparing for another to begin. It is a reminder of family memories that could have only been made in its presence. When I was a little girl, Christmas eve was one of the only times that everyone came together- and that has remained true well into my adult life. 

Christians blame Atheists for the “War on Christmas” but as much as they hate when we object to giant manger scenes on government property… they also are unhappy when we embrace the secular side of the holiday… so what if we turned it on them.

You want to know how I can have the audacity to have a tree if I don’t believe in Christ… ok, I’ve answered that. Now you tell me, how dare you tell children there is a Santa Claus when you actually believe in Christ? Aren’t you ashamed that you are filling their minds with LIES when you should be spending your time educating them on the teaching of their savior (it’s his day after-all!). I cannot believe you have the guts to call yourself Christians when you are really out there promoting a secular agenda by purchasing gifts, hanging decorations, wasting precious electricity on colored lights and of course that tree- how could you dare decorate the tree?!? There is nothing biblical about the fir tree- that is simply WINTER SOLSTICE witch craft… thankfully we are addressing this now so you can (hopefully) make right all the wrongs you have done in regards to disrespecting the celebration of the birth of Christ.

Perhaps before your next gluttonous Christmas meal you will simply ditch the gifts, take down the decorations  and pray quietly… focusing on what the birth of Christ is about…. but if you prefer to keep your secular traditions while observing the birth of Christ then please leave my secular traditions alone while I don’t.


2 thoughts on “The war on Christmas trees

  1. Yeah. We were allowed to have a Christmas tree, but we didn’t do Santa Claus. He was bad. I think we were a little stricter than most, even at our church. They were allowed to talk about Santa bringing presents. But at our house Santa was bad because the original Santa was a Catholic, not a REAL Christian like us. (I’m not certain if that Catholic thing is true or not now, most of north Europe was Lutheran.)

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