Where the %@#$ was God?


There has been quite the buzz about Masha the cat, the hero, who saved an abandoned baby. Climbing into the dumpster and sitting with the baby to keep it warm while meowing for attention certainly worked out, a woman was able to find them and call 911- but was it simply chance or a deliberate act? Don’t worry we don’t need to get into that, because the believers have attributed it to an act of God! In the article God Saves Unlikely Hero To Save Abandoned Baby we learn “What a blessed miracle that God sent this caring creature to watch over the poor abandoned baby in his time of need!”. How ridiculous and completely unnecessary to bring the God element into this story. Yes, it is amazing that the cat happened to be able to attract enough attention that this dear child has saved- BUT IT WASN’T GOD…IT WAS A CAT. For some reason the believer thinks it necessary to give God credit for the good things in this world… but where the %@#$ is he when this don’t work out so well.

The same day that I read about God saving this abandoned child I came across another story of a stranger finding a child in need… this time the child was burning to death at the hands of its very own mother. In the article NJ mother charged with murder after allegedly setting newborn baby on fire we learn that once again a child was unwanted, but instead of a neighbor discovering a cat, they discovered a fire in the middle of the road. While trying to find out what was happening the mother tells them she is burning dog excrement, as the man gets closer he finds out it is a newborn baby. Once again 911 was called, however this time, after two hours of suffering excruciating pain, the baby died from the injuries.

So here we have two children that God allowed to be born to parents who would abandon them, one throwing their child in the trash (attempted murder?) and one setting their baby on fire in the middle of a public street (murder). God then sent someone/something to find these children, but he allowed one of them to die. In both cases there was human failure and in both cases God supposedly made a choice.

As an atheist I believe that God is irrelevant- he didn’t kill or save anyone. I know that it was pure chance that the cat meowing caught a woman’s attention and that the baby did not die. I know that some humans have psychological problems so deep that they are capable of a heinous act such as murdering a child. I can see that the reality is that bad things happen and that life isn’t always fair. Now that is enough about me- back to the believers.

I really want to know, I want responses from the followers of Christ. Don’t tell me that he can’t save everyone unless you can tell me why- and if you don’t know why, tell me how you can live a life worshiping such a heartless God. Are you prepared to let God off the hook if someone sets your loved one on fire? Will you forgive and forget knowing that it is God’s plan?  I hope you are rational enough to say no and rethink your position- because if you really could justify God’s absence as a reason for the unthinkable to happen, it makes me wonder what you might be capable of.

6 thoughts on “Where the %@#$ was God?

  1. This is the Problem of Evil. I can offer a few thoughts. First, the Problem of Evil does not disprove God. For it may be the case that God has morally sufficient reasons for allowing evil. Interestingly, on atheism, it’s difficult to determine whether something is actually “evil”, i.e. Unwanted children are just bags of meat subject to survival of the fittest. And the stronger, more fit, adult species did not want it and killed it! Why is that “evil” if we’re just products of molecules accidentally evolving?

    Secondly, it seems you just have a beef with some Christians. You take certain ones to task who may not be theologically sophisticated yet they are careful to try to give God the glory in all circumstances. That has nothing to do with whether Christianity is true or whether God exists.

    So why did God allow one child to live and one to die? i do not know. But I know enough about God to know I can trust God with the things I don’t know.

  2. The religiously afflicted love worshipping that completely failed god for some inexplicable reason. Their god does two things well, only two, they being it’s remaining completely silent and invisible.

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