The priest in the plastic bubble


As we all sit here trapped inside of our global pandemic panic rooms many of us find ourselves communicating more than ever via the internet. The comfort of confronting someone from your living-room has always been a joy for those that fear the beauty of a real debate, but now more than ever, with everything irritating everyone… they seem to be out in masses.

The other day in our local news paper there was an article that some Pittsburgh church’s were offering drive thru confession services. As you see above the picture looked ridiculous, but even with out that photo- the premise is ridiculous. When we are being urged, begged, pleaded with to stay in… why prey on people, forcing them to come out due to fear of God? As someone that was raised Roman Catholic I can assure you that a prayer session between you and God is even more sacred than a trip to the confessional and that the only things missing will be possible exposure to Covid-19 and the collection plate.


When I posted the article an acquaintance of mine became very upset. She said that posting this shows I do not respect other beliefs and that I preach acceptance but do not give it. Let’s just get one thing straight, I respect a person’s right to believe what they wish. I do not subscribe to the notion that the government should police our beliefs. That being said, supporting your right to believe does not mean I have to respect what you believe in. If you want to support an undercover pedophile ring, I am not going to stand beside you and cheer you on… and if said pedophile ring wants to show a picture of themselves looking foolish in a plastic bubble during a pandemic, I am going to make a tongue in cheek joke about it… because if I think too much about what might happen in the actual confessional booth I am likely to weep.I will never sit idly by and watch as someone does something careless, biting my tongue because I don’t want to make them feel bad. Maybe I come of as too much of a Consequentialist for some, but I am willing to risk it for the greater good. As far as the accusation that I have a “constant need bash beliefs that are not yours, Christianity in particular.” all I do is laugh. First off, I am much more tolerant of religious nonsense than most of the secularists that I know (have you met my husband lol). I actually think the act of confession is ridiculous and demeaning. I remember making my first confession and thinking it would be a super intense experience but nope, such a let down… I just made up some crap about lying to my mom and the priest told me to say a few hail Mary’s, nothing magical. That being said I don’t make fun of confession on the regular- I did however make fun of it when there was a picture plastered in the news featuring Father Bubble Boy and his magic car wash confessional. Take a joke people. Yes, I do criticize religion. As I stated earlier, I will never forgive the Catholic church for what they have done to our children and for what they continue to allow to happen… and to those of you that step foot through those church doors, you show your support for their actions, whether your brain can allow you to comprehend that or not… it’s still there.

The easiest point of all to address is “Christianity in particular”. Of course westernized society is the most critical of Christianity, you are constantly shoving it down our throats. There are blessings and prayers and crosses and bloody thorns representing you everywhere from the hospital to the gas station. None of the other main stream religions try snake their way into your life like Christianity does. If you simply worshiped and left others alone there wouldn’t be a problem but you insist that others should agree with you. Then you demand that they agree with you. Then you threaten them if they don’t. Then you are gone, because you are superior and they are flawed. Christianity gets the most criticism because it is the most critical of outsiders, plain and simple.

If you cannot handle a little tongue in cheek humor, seriously reconsider being my friend because I love to joke around. I will make jokes about politics, religion and also laugh at myself. For many people, like myself, jokes are a coping mechanism. Even when attacked anger isn’t an emotion that dominates me, I am more of an empath. I take things to heart and find myself overcome with a flurry of emotions that center upon what that others may be feeling of the situation. My writing tends to be emotional, this is true… but I also make a lot of jokes… because sadness and humor are the way that I balance out into happiness. Don’t we all need a way to escape the pain of the world, even if just for a little bit?

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